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Job Title : Director of Homeless and Supportive Services (SEBCO Development, Inc.)
Date Posted : July 18, 2019
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SEBCO Development Inc. seeks to hire a full time salaried employee who will supervise the daily activities of three (3) Homeless Shelters (two family and one single men’s shelter). Additionally, they are responsible to oversee and supervise the beginning of a Supportive Housing Initiative. The person in this role must be actively involved with the local community board and an integral part of the ongoing building and nurturing of a strong community. This position reports directly to the Vice President of SEBCO as well as its Board of Directors. There exists a daily responsibility to supervise three (3) current Homeless Facility Directors and staff, by giving guidance and providing daily supervision to achieve maximum contract performance at all times. Responsible to foster and grow a cohesive working environment of all members of the staff. Responsible to provide staff development, training (internal and external) and members of the staff. Responsible to provide staff development, training (internal and external) and constant performance evaluation of the staff, so as to ensure that the shelter clients are provided with the best possible service at all times, exceeding the DHS accepted standards. Must maintain strict department regulations on performance, time reporting and all aspects of individual job functions. The person in this role must monitor contract performance closely to achieve and exceed all DHS benchmarks and work closely with DHS to gain Capital funding for necessary improvements at each facility. The Director of Homeless and Supportive Services must assist SEBCO in developing a Supportive Housing component at existing and new Senior Housing Developments that are in the pipeline. Utilization of existing and potentially new funding sources to develop programs thus providing senior citizens with useful and life improving services is essential to this position. Assistance with the development of an annual budget to provide services based upon funding sources in place at the time is required. The person in this role is responsible to develop new or existing connections with the local community board and other groups that will work closely with SEBCO to provide supportive services for frail seniors and as well, provide services for and work with clients who are critically ill and suffer from other forms of illness. Responsible to create new initiatives to involve seniors and encourage them to become active at the properties in which they reside as well as within their community.


  • Master’s Degree in Social Work
  • Minimum of five (5) years of relative experience as a supervisor
  • Must have experience with Supportive Housing and Senior Housing specializing in services for seniors
  • Must have a background with DHS programs for placement into Supportive Housing and EISHA experience with NY State
  • Have established relationships with health care groups who can provide necessary services
  • Bilingual English/Spanish is a plus

If you feel that you meet the qualifications for this position and wish to apply, please fax your resume to (718) 617-2992. You may email resumes to Only Microsoft Word or PDF format will be accepted and be sure to include job title (Direct Main.) in your subject line.

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