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Guidance and Resource Update - Week of Monday, June 8th

, Mon, Jun 8th, 2020 7:48:59 am
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NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) - Elevator Violations Portal Announcement

On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, a new Elevator Violations portal will be launched in DOB NOW: Safety. It will allow the public to search for elevator violations at a property and any amount due for these violations. Payments for 'Failure to File' or 'Failure to File an Affirmation of Correction' for Category 1 and Category 5 elevator violations and all requests to waive civil penalties resulting from these violations must be made in DOB NOW: Safety. View the DOB Service Notice HERE.

NYSAFAH Signs on to Letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio Opposing Capital Budget Cuts

NYSAFAH and a colaition of NYC organizations signed on to a letter sent to Mayor Bill de Blasio opposing the proposed capital cuts in the Mayor's Executive Budget last month. The Mayor and the NYC Coucil are now in budget negotiations that will likely conclude by the end of June. Read the letter HERE.

NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) - Face Coverings on all Construction Sites Executive Order

The Mayor signed the attached Executive Order requiring face coverings to be worn by all workers and visitors on construction sites. The Department will be enforcing this requirement. As a reminder, for the first thirty days violations will carry no monetary penalty. Read the full Executive Order HERE.

NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) - COVID-19 Phase 1 Reopening Guidance

DOB has just issued guidance on the the Phase I Reopening Plan. Although DOB will begin enforcement on Monday, they will not be issuing any violations with monetary fines and instead, will focus on educating the jobsites on how to safely re-mobilize. Read the guidance HERE.

DOB's Restart Homepage:

Download facecoverings060820.pdf
Download dob-enforcement-guidance-for-restart-with-dohmh-final-2020-06-05_.pdf
Download keep-new-york-building-letter.pdf
Download 06-10-20_elevatoviopaymentwaiverrequest-dobnow-safet-sn.pdf
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