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Guidance and Resource Update - Week of Monday, June 29th

Chris Widelo, Tue, Jun 30th, 2020 1:39:32 am
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NYC Department of Buildings: Updated Service Notices

DOB has implemented a number of enhancements that will take effect on June 29th. These include allowing a single After-Hours Variance to be requested for multiple permits, and a number of improvements to the Structural and Elevator Work Types in DOB NOW: Build.

DOB NOW: Build - After Hours Variance Updates

DOB NOW: Build Updates - Structural

DOB NOW: Build Updtes - Elevator

Download 06-25-20_dobnow_ahv_updatesn.pdf
Download 06-25-20-_dobnow_st_updatesn.pdf
Download 06-25-20_do-now_vt_updatesn.pdf
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