How We Lead

Building on the beachSustainability:

NYSAFAH and our members are leading the way to create green and sustainable affordable housing. Our industry is committed to meet the goals set forth by New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act) which is the most ambitious and comprehensive in the country. To reduce carbon emissions affordable housing and all housing across the state need to be sustainable which not only means less reliant on fossil fuels but cheaper to run too.

To meet our goals NYSAFAH has formed a sustainability committee comprised of experts from across the industry to find solutions to challenges we face as we become greener.


Broadband Access in Affordable Housing:

Millions of New Yorkers lack adequate access to high-speed internet. This is in large part because families living in low-income areas are inadequately served by the infrastructure that delivers broadband connection. The lack of affordable and reliable broadband has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic as many vital public services, including medicine, education, and even connections with family, have transitioned to online platforms.

During the first three months of 2020, reliance on the internet increased by over 47%. This means not only are more people using the internet, but they are also using more data than ever before. We all must work to close this gap, and the affordable housing industry has a key role to play.

In 2021 NYSAFAH and our 501c3 affiliate, House New York, launched AHBI, the Affordable Housing Broadband Initiative. AHBI is a roadmap for how New York can leverage federal funds to wire-up New York’s affordable housing stock with the infrastructure to support quality, high speed, internet access.

To read our report, click here! {} You can also visit House New York’s website for more on AHBI and all our work to provide internet access to residents of affordable housing at