NYSAFAH 2G is a programming series for young professionals, with quarterly networking and educational opportunities, designed to engage and cultivate the next generation of leaders in New York’s affordable housing industry.

Since NYSAFAH’s founding in 1998, affordable housing construction, management and financing has developed into a robust industry for New York City and State, with opportunities for professional growth and advancement in multiple related fields, and an ever growing demand and need for the industry’s end product – homes that New York’s working families, seniors, and young adults can afford. What just decades ago was a niche industry, affordable housing is now a well-defined career field, with colleges and universities offering graduate and professional programs.

As the trade association for New York’s affordable housing community, it is critical NYSAFAH’s membership and services reflect the industry’s evolving demographics, with programming to promote the growth of professionals across a broad spectrum of experience. By engaging and supporting young professionals, NYSAFAH can help cultivate an effective workforce for experienced NYSAFAH members, and will continue to strengthen New York’s affordable housing industry as a whole.

With the direction of a NYSAFAH 2G Advisory Committee, NYSAFAH offers quarterly networking and educational events covering topics of interest to young professionals in affordable housing. As with NYSAFAH’s existing membership, NYSAFAH 2G includes professionals in the fields of affordable housing finance, syndication, construction, management, law, architecture, and public policy.

Inaugural membership in the 2G Group is included for employees of all NYSAFAH member firms. Discounted or complimentary attendance is available for students at New York real estate schools.