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Job Title : President & CEO(Community Capital New York)
Date Posted : January 20, 2021
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The Opportunity 

Community Capital New York (Community Capital) is a federally certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). A nonprofit alternative lender, Community Capital serves eight counties in the Hudson Valley (suburban New York City, NY) and Fairfield County, CT, providing loans that create quality jobs, revitalize Main Streets, build affordable homes and generate tax revenues to foster opportunity, change lives and create impact. Through flexible, innovative and responsive lending coupled with financial education, Community Capital strives to create economically healthy communities and enable traditionally underserved people to become stakeholders in the Hudson Valley’s and Fairfield County's economy. Community Capital works outside the margins of conventional finance to bring individuals and communities into the economic mainstream and create financial independence through financial, educational and business development services to give low to moderate income people the resources needed to succeed. Community Capital’s Founding President Kimberlie Jacobs has announced her intention to retire effective June 30, 2021. Community Capital’s next Chief Executive Officer can continue and grow its impact by taking this strong organization to its next level of development and service.

The History

Community Capital began as the Westchester Housing Fund in 1989 to increase the supply of affordable housing in Westchester County, NY. The Organization’s initial goal was to provide predevelopment funds for affordable housing projects. In 1998, Community Capital expanded its mission as a CDFI to provide affordable small business loans and technical assistance to underserved communities in the lower Hudson Valley, primarily those owned by low income, women and/or minority entrepreneurs. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Community Capital continues to serve its constituents as a Financial First Responder, originating an innovative Emergency Express Loan program which provided funds for more than 100 companies in a three-month period. The Organization’s response to the pandemic led to additional engagements and opportunities sponsored by several counties in the lower Hudson Valley to further serve its clients. Community Capital was also recently awarded a Federal CDFI grant to provide additional affordable housing financing. Community Capital is at its strongest financial position with assets of approximately $10 million and its increasing local impact. The Board is also exploring the possibility of launching an Impact Investment Fund to expand its mission reach.

The mission-driven Board of Directors is committed to hiring Community Capital’s next President and CEO to support the diverse communities it serves. The next President and CEO is expected to:

i) Serve Community Capital’s constituents,

ii) Help create strategies to build on the Organization’s strong base,

iii) Lead the Organization by setting a vision,

iv) Attract and develop a talented team,

v) Establish strategies for the effective and efficient operation of the organization.

Community Capital is in a unique position to have a significant impact in its New York and southern Connecticut markets given the area’s tremendous need for additional affordable housing units as well as small business lending and technical assistance.

The President and CEO position

The President and CEO is primarily responsible for four essential functions: strategic leadership, organizational management, governance and support of board operations, and financial oversight.

The President and CEO is to lead the development and implementation of a strategic plan that builds on the strength of the organization, ensures that target clients are well served and fosters financial sustainability for the organization. The President and CEO also is expected to engage and be informed on issues and trends that affect people with low incomes. The President is to be aware of best practices and innovations in the fields of community development finance, impact investing, affordable housing, nonprofit services, small business growth, workforce development, and/or systems change.

In the area of organizational management, the President and CEO is to execute the objectives of the organization in accordance with the strategic plan developed in collaboration with the Board of Directors. The President and CEO plans, directs, and coordinates operational activities of Community Capital New York. As the organization grows, the CEO will restructure the organization to keep it efficient and effective while managing its team.

Another responsibility is to ensure strong human resource systems so that the organization attracts and retains talented staff. This includes individual performance planning, training, recognition, rewards, career growth, and appropriate succession planning. In addition, the CEO needs to ensure that policies, programs, and plans are in concert with the organization's mission and strategic plan and also establish and maintain appropriate systems for measuring organizational performance.

The President and CEO will engage with the Board to assess, agree on and modify, when necessary, the organization’s mission strategy and structure. Also, in partnership with the Board, the President and CEO develops, approves, and monitors appropriate and ambitious multi-year financial plans and annual budgets.

The President and CEO is to collaborate with governmental, not for profit and private organizations to form effective partnerships in service of the mission of the organization.

The President and CEO is expected to proactively enlarge the profile and visibility of the organization among potential partners, funders, investors, policy makers, borrowers, and other critical audiences through attending appropriate local, state and national relevant events.

The President and CEO also is expected to engage and be informed regarding local, state, and national issues and trends that affect people with low incomes, as well as be aware of best practices and innovations in the fields of community development finance, impact investing, affordable housing, nonprofit services, small business growth, workforce development, and/or systems change.

In the area of organizational finance, the President and CEO, working with the CFO and /or COO, is responsible for aligning fiscal policies and systems to allocate resources, measuring performance versus goals, and providing timely reporting for effective planning and management of operational performance and audits. Responsibilities include raising new capital and operational resources from donors, funders, private, corporate, government, and foundation sources to generate revenue sufficient to match and/or exceed annual budgeted expenses.

Finally, the President and CEO is responsible for advancing strategies to improve the long- term sustainability and financial resilience of the organization, its mission-based activities, and its employee-positive operations.

Professional Qualifications

• Minimum of 10-years relevant experience required. Experience in the CDFI Industry (or related field) preferred.

• Proven record of successfully building a strong organization and long-lasting relationships, forging and fostering strategic alliances, creating and executing programs, policies and procedures to serve and engage the Organization’s diverse for-profit, non-profit and governmental constituent base.

• Bachelor’s Degree required.

Personal Characteristics:

The ideal candidate will exhibit the following personal characteristics:

Leadership: Possesses a willingness to lead, take charge and offer opinions and direction while balancing knowing when to listen, follow, delegate, and defer to others.

  • Commitment to Community Capital’s mission and be able to communicate the Organization’s vision and purpose while serving its constituency.
  • Strategic Thinking: Seek creative ways to act and deliver on the Organization’s mission while managing issues and obstacles that may arise.
  • Development: Recognize and cultivate the potential in others, identifying improvement goals and deriving satisfaction from evidence of progress.
  • Desire to learn and continuously seek to improve.
  • Communication: Ability to communicate authentically and effectively with diverse audiences.
  • Seek to maximize strengths to stimulate personal, team, and group excellence.
  • Takes initiative and willing to assume responsibility and ownership of challenges and/or obstacles to success. Community Capital New York President/CEO Job Description January 15, 2021 Page 4
  • Command presence before audience types and government officials while maintaining composure.
  • Ability to problem solve effectively, collaboratively, and creatively.
  • Exhibit discipline, honesty, and integrity.

Candidates will be asked to complete a StrengthsFinder survey in conjunction with their application for the position.


The salary range will be commensurate with experience. Community Capital provides a comprehensive and flexible benefits package integrated with compensation.

Community Capital New York is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


To apply

Please email a copy of a resume and cover letter to

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