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Job Title : Property Manager(McDermott+Bull Executive Search)
Date Posted : November 8, 2021
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Description :

Our client is seeking an experienced Property Manager to oversee a beautiful garden-style apartment community in Yonkers, NY. The successful individual will have experience working with all facets of residential management including operations, leasing, legal, budgeting, and large-scale capital improvement projects.  The Property Manager will be a proactive, creative thinker with strong communication skills and ability to work closely with staff members to serve the community’s residents.

Role + Responsibilities

  • Oversee the building operations, physical plant, building systems maintenance, landscaping, and operating contractors. 
  • Direct in-house staff including super, porters, handymen, landscapers, apartment preparation staff, leasing, legal, maintenance coordinators and utility staff
  • Supervise major capital improvement projects
    • ID contractors for bids
    • Run bid process and award bids
    • Coordinate construction trades and monitor schedules
    • Provide on-site construction management services for owners
    • Troubleshoot issues with neighboring properties
  • Oversee performance of outside contractors; enforce compliance with contracts; ensure compliance with governmental rules and regulations
  • Assist with the preparation of monthly actual to budget variance reports
  • Foster positive community and resident relations
  • Supervise staff, including management, technical, maintenance, and administrative employees
  • Generate positive work environment ensuring quality performance and retention of staff
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationship with local labor union representatives
  • Report to and advise owner on operations, financial matters, resident concerns, policies, and procedures.
  • Recognize market, operational and management problems and develop appropriate solutions

Mission Critical Objectives | Year 1

  • Understand Property’s current situation from the perspective of financial performance, leasing activity, maintenance needs, resident relations, and employee relations.
  • Develop strong rapport with current team, residents, and Ownership.
  • Identify performance and property maintenance issues, bring issues to Ownership’s attention, and develop plan for addressing issues.
  • Manage property through COVID-19 regulations.

Professional Experience + Qualifications

  • Ten+ years’ experience in residential real estate management
  • Familiarity with New York State affordable housing regulations
  • General understanding of building systems, including heating plant operation.
  • Ability to prepare budgets, analyze financial statements, and understand accounting issues as they relate to property operations and reporting requirements.
  • Ability to manage staff, delegate specific tasks, and evaluate employee performance in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Ability to work with union and non-union employees
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience with MRI, Outlook, Excel, and Word

Leadership Style + Characteristics

  • Leading by Example: Demonstrating and fostering, by example, a commitment of high standards, accountability, and sound decision-making to achieve goals.
  • Service: Encouraging and inspiring property management staff to develop a culture of serving the residents.
  • Ethics and Values: Acting with a strong moral compass focused on the highest level of integrity and ethics.
  • Conflict Resolution: Proactively addressing any employee or tenant conflicts and turning conflicts into opportunities for improvement and striving for win/win resolutions

Education + Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience

Contact: Jessica Combs

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